Ben Kurgat, CEO of Global Mbio Racing - Raleigh, North Carolina

"As a professional coach certified with the USA Track and Field, my company is the premier agency through which marathon runners from eastern Africa are placed in marathons throughout the U.S.   Our in-house team didn't have the legal background to file the paperwork for athletic visas (P visa). Chhabria Law LLC worked expeditiously to secure visas for our international athletes.  Now, many years later, we've brought in dozens of athletes with the help of Chhabria Law LLC and continue to participate in marathons, adding great value to local competitions."

Jay Mehta, Vice President of FutureNet Group, Inc. - Detroit, Michigan

"I fully endorse Chhabria Law LLC for their ability to explain all the options to their client and to guide them to choose the one that gets results.  As a multi-national company with over 150 employees, we have hired Chhabria Law LLC for H-1B Non-immigrant Worker cases, L-1 Intra company transferee cases, and to assist in I-9 self audits.  For each case type, Chhabria Law LLC provided us with detailed document requests, structured the USCIS submissions well in advance of our target submission dates, and followed-up with regard to USCIS Requests for Evidence, renewal, and the like."

Mr. K. Khan, Pakwan LLC - Chicago, IL

"I am deeply grateful that our new company had Chhabria Law LLC to assist in our new businesses legal matters.  From initial lease negotiation, to LLC company formation, obtaining an EIN, and opening a business bank account, through to hiring staff and drafting employment agreements in addition to communicating with vendors and utilities, Attorney Chhabria involved himself in every aspect of the business.  Attorney Chhabria continues to provide much needed advice, guidance, and legal assistance as we navigate our first year in business in Chicago, IL.  Chhabria Law LLC is inexpensive, very attentive to detail, and responsive to our business needs."

Rita P. and Shrikant C. - Marriage-Based Immigration Green Card - Chicago, IL

"When I was newly married, my first thought was of how I was going to be able to ensure that my family stays together.  Attorney Chhabria made sure that we quickly filed an I-130/485 Concurrent Petition for my spouses Green Card.  We were pleasantly surprised when only 5 months later Attorney Chhabria fully prepared us for and accompanied us to my spouses Green Card interview in Chicago, IL.  We knew what to expect and were not at all nervous or frightened by the process because of Attorney Chhabria's extensive experience in dealing with these types of cases.  I am very happy to say that our family has remained together and my spouse is a proud Permanent Resident of the United States!"

Nikolaos Kounenakis, President of Expert Centre of European Soccer - Chicago, IL and Cyprus (Europe)

"As an international business person, a retired professional soccer player, and a professional soccer coach, the legal needs of our company are multi-faceted.  From international business regulatory compliance, to complex contractual matters, agency agreements, disclaimers, waivers, and business structuring, Chhabria Law LLC has been our most trusted go-to outside counsel of choice.  We interact with Chhabria Law's talented and hard working team of professionals on a variety of legal and business matters, including immigration matters, on a weekly basis.  In terms of costs of representation and availability, Chhabria Law LLC the best in market."

R. Patel - EB-5 Investor Visa I-526 Applicant - Toronto, Canada

"In order for our family to obtain a Green Card in the United States our quickest and safest option was an EB-5 Investment Visa.  Attorney Vishal Chhabria expertly guided us through the process - from project selection, due diligence, Source of Funds, Path of Funds, to I-526 completion, and USCIS submission.  We strongly recommend Chhabria Law for EB-5 representation.

Success Stories

Successful RFE Response

In a complex L-1A case, our client, a Multi-National Corporation with 350+ employees worldwide and over $100 million in annual sales, sought an Intra-Company Transferee visa for a Manager.  USCIS challenged the premise of the manager's role and the qualifying relationship between the U.S. company and its subsidiary abroad.  Upon submission of over 2,000 relevant pages documenting the beneficiary's role and the petitioner's relationship with its subsidiary abroad, USCIS approved the case.

Succesful NOID Response

In a marriage-based adjustment of status case, USCIS challenged the bona fides of our client's matrimonial relationship.  Our office built a solid foundation around athe couple with a series of well-developed affidavits from family and friends, a variety of evidence ranging from financial co-mingling to marital residence documentation, and statements from the married couple themselves with overwhelming detail and descriptions of both the marriage celebrations and the daily marital relationship.  After dozens of hours of documentation and preparation, USCIS approved the case. 

Building an EB-5 Project

Our client, a business family based on the East Coast, presented multiple well capitalized projects with sufficient institutional support.  Vishal Chhabria, an EB-5 expert with extensive knowledge from both the developer and investor perspective, successfully built a series of well balanced and marketable EB-5 friendly projects, availing of regional center resources, financial resources, experienced broker-dealer networks, and in-house legal expertise.  The developer has already brought in millions of dollars of EB-5 capital is is well on their way to closing out nearly $40 million dollars of new construction activity focused on hospitality, thereby creating dozens of new jobs and generating a great deal of economic activity locally.