Vishal K. Chhabria

As an Immigration & Business Attorney, I have been fortunate to represent both individuals and businesses, in a variety of settings and legal matters. I consider it an honor and a blessing to be given the opportunity to help people from all over the world. Whether it is navigating the immigration system or working with a start-up business, or just helping people understand American culture and values, I believe I come away from each interaction with a client as a better human being, always having learnt a great deal from their sacrifices, commitments to their respective families and communities, and shared experiences.

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Office Manager - Mumbai

Vaishali Raval

With professional experience ranging from entrepreneurship to working with special needs children at Mumbai's top private schools, Vaishali specializes in Immigration Law.  Her strength lies in Investment Visa cases, with a particular focus on EB-5 Visas.  

Vaishali was born and brought up in Mumbai, and has an in-depth, personal understanding of her fellow citizen's ambitions and dreams.   Where those dreams lead folks to the U.S., Vaishali will ensure that the pathway is safe and most appropriate to the aspirant's needs.  

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